About Rock ‘Em Socks

Rock ‘Em Apparel (formerly Rock ‘Em Socks) was launched in February of 2011, with unique products that bring personality to your gear. When the company began, we were the first to customize the Nike Elite Sock, spawning an entire market of imitators falling short in their efforts. We have since expanded our operations, and the look of our company has changed more times than a Joe Smith jersey. Rock ‘Em brings you the most creative designs on the market, along with a full line of clothing and accessories. Our staff is comprised of passionate, offbeat individuals who have been around sports culture their entire lives. The phrase “Rock ‘Em” was born out of our love for sneakers and basketball, where to “rock” something means you not only wear something, but you embody it. Our designs are confident, as are the customers who rock them worldwide. The “rock” is also a slang alternative to the word “basketball”, as heard on streetball courts from city to city. Our logo represents the willingness to achieve greatness; to go above and beyond our supposed limits, an arrow to the sky. Our goal is to impact the sporting landscape, shaping a community and environment that encourages and rewards positivity, hard work, leadership, and determination on and off the court. Do You Rock ‘Em?